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PostSubject: TEMPLAR C WING UPDATE   TEMPLAR C WING UPDATE Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2008 4:17 pm

Despite warnings Templar C Wing have refused to cancel naps/allies, be warned any attacks on ALLIANCES showing on C WINGS alliance page will be classed as FF by the Multi Hunter and if reported could get you and the alliance severely punished, resulting in a drop in resources and population + a ban. Templar C have been given24hrs to cancel naps/alliances, failure to do this will result in them being classed as an unofficial wing, kicked and farmed.


2.2 Friendly Fire
It is against the rules to willingly allow resources and villages to be taken.
+ 2.2.1 Raids
Resources that have been placed in a village for the purpose of being raided away add to the day's total of resources that have been sent via the marketplace (see 2.1).
+ 2.2.2a Village Capture
Village conquests count as friendly - and therefore not permitted - if the conquering player sits for, uses the same computer as, or is in the same alliance or allied alliance as the owner of the conquered village (or if one of these three conditions has been the case within two days of the village's capture), and/or if the conquered player/a sitter facilitates the capture by removing defending troops, destruction of defenses, or by demolishing a residence or palace.
+ 2.2.2b Village Capture
Villages of players for whom one has sat in the last 2 days or who were listed as sitters/same computer usage in the last 2 days may not be conquered. The rule applies even when the player quits or becomes inactive.
+ 2.2.2c
All officially recognised wings of an alliance are cosidered to be the same alliance for purposes of the friendly fire rule.
+ 2.2.2d.
The friendly fire rule extends to immediate allies of your alliance (but not to NAPS).
+ 2.2.2e.
In all cases the cooling-off period is two days and all offences must be reported within two days. Failure to do so will require screenshot evidence of the battle reports.
+ 2.2.2e.
NAPs are not and never have been covered. There are no plans to add them into the rules at this stage.
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